Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] .is_audio_player playlist_format=audio/x-mpegurl not being parsed

On Thu, 2010-01-21 at 22:42 +1000, Jonathan Matthew wrote: 
> That's probably because it doesn't think the device supports any
> playlist formats.

Indeed.  I noticed that in the code when I went grubbing around after
sending my previous message.

> You need this commit too:
> commit 01ab44f01473476bf00336fac75e005a65873bab
> Author: Jonathan Matthew <jonathan d14n org>
> Date:   Thu Dec 24 23:43:11 2009 +1000
>     mpid: read playlist formats from .is_audio_player override file

Ahhhh.  Yes, indeed.  That seems to fix it.

> and once you've got to that extent, you might as well build from git
> master instead..

Heh.  Almost.  It's pretty easy to just drop patches into .deb packages
though and try to maintain some semblance of working with a
distribution.  :-)


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