[Rhythmbox-devel] .is_audio_player playlist_format=audio/x-mpegurl not being parsed

I am trying to use a portable media device with RB 0.12.6.  On the
player, in the root directory, I have created an .is_audio_player with
the following in it:


All of the settings seem to be getting recognized by RB as it places
music and playlist files in the correct locations.  RB does not seem to
be taking notice of the playlist type though.  Specifically, when I try
to create a playlist, in rb_generic_player_source_get_playlist_format()
playlist_formats ends up being NULL after:

	g_object_get (priv->device_info, "playlist-formats", &playlist_formats, NULL);

As a secondary issue, RB doesn't seem to be finding and/or listing the
existing playlists on the device.

Any ideas?

FWIW, I do have 4296f971de1f1661dad8a78dea504b6c6614fef6 applied, but I
don't think that is directly related to the issues I am having here.


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