[Rhythmbox-devel] About device auto detect/import

Dear Developers of Rhythmbox,
    I have been using Rhythmbox for a while now and would like to say that it has so far been my favorite player for Linux... except for one VERY horrid "feature". This is a letter of complaint to complain about Rhythmbox's horrid manner of auto importing any device I plug in to my computer. There is no way to turn off this stupid "feature", so when I plug in my 16GB COWON S9, I am forced to either wait until it duplicates all entries in my playlist with what's on my device, or I am forced to quit the entire program and restart it. There is no way to quit the importing, no way to keep it from happening... as soon as my device is plugged in (every day to charge it), Rhythmbox, as dumb as it is, takes off on this jolly-ol' ride of "import import import!".

I am here to complain, and to state with an attitude that I will refuse to use Rhythmbox until this "feature" is removed or configurable to "turn off you $!$%!@". Thank you for all your hard work, keep trying.

Life time Linux/Unix user,

Ubuntu 9.1

P.S. Still (still!) defaulting to XMMS 1


Mike Ditka  - "If God had wanted man to play soccer, he wouldn't have given us arms."

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