Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Problems with m3u playlists on device

On Thu, 2010-01-07 at 16:56 -0600, Ryan May wrote:
> 4) Finally, the problem I can't really solve (short of using external
> shell scripts).  The m3u playlists produced by Rhythmbox don't
> actually work with my mp3 player.  First, Rhythmbox writes them out as
> absolute paths,

That's probably because it saves the file in the wrong directory (say,
in a temp directory) rather than directly in the location it would be.
totem-pl-parser is pretty clever about that, and will use relative paths
if you're saving the file in a parent of the location of the files.

>  and my player seems to require relative paths, even
> though the playlist files are located at the root of the device.

Or maybe I don't understand. What are those paths relative to?

> (Actually, I can't even use this playlist with Totem with the absolute
> paths.  Relative paths make it work.)

That's bad, obviously. File a bug.

>   Second, Rhythmbox writes out
> the files with Unix path separators (/) and the mp3 player needs them
> to be Windows-style (\). 

That's probably Rhythmbox not turning on the DOS mode. See:


>  Lastly, once those changes are made, unless
> the playlist file ends with an extra blank line, the last song in the
> playlist doesn't show up. So for example this file, as written out by
> rhythmbox:
> #EXTINF:,One
> /MUSIC/Shinedown/00 - One.mp3
> #EXTINF:,Carried Away
> /MUSIC/Shinedown/00 - Carried Away.mp3
> Needs to instead be:
> #EXTINF:,One
> MUSIC\Shinedown\00 - One.mp3
> #EXTINF:,Carried Away
> MUSIC\Shinedown\00 - Carried Away.mp3
> <blank line>

That's an easy fix, and shouldn't break anything. File a bug against

> I realize this may be a totem-pl-parser issue (or at least where I
> need to look), but I wanted to see if anyone had any tips or settings
> I'm missing that could help here.


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