Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Rhythmbox fails to detect tracks on storage device

>>> 0.13.2 is in updates-testing for Fedora 14.

>> I noticed "0001-Build-with-older-libdmapsharing.patch." I'd be happy to
>> push a newer libdmapsharing to Fedora 14. Rhythmbox is the only
>> reason I have not done so. The only other package in Fedora that uses
>> libdmapsharing is dmapd, and I am also the maintainer that package.
> I filed a bug in the RH bugzilla about this when 0.13.2 came out,
> but no movement. Get libdmapsharing built and I'll get it tagged and
> the new version built.

Please see
I'm sorry that I missed the Bugzilla report. I can't find it now, do
you have an ID or is it closed?



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