[Rhythmbox-devel] Transcoding with multiple mp3 profiles

Hi Everyone,

I'm a happy user of Rhythmbox with a recent conundrum.  I have two mp3 players,
one accepts files by pretending to be a USB flash drive, and the other uses a
microSD card.  Using the .is_audio_player file, I've managed to get them both
working.  The problem is that while the first device works perfectly, the
second device has playback issues.  I was able to figure out that the problem
is that the second device does not support VBR encoding very well (at all?).

My conundrum is that I'd like to keep transcoding with VBR on the device
which supports it, while not doing so on the device which does not.  In order
to make it work right now, I have to edit the gstreamer mp3 profile and fix
the bitrate.  Then, when I want to add files to the other device, I have to
revert these changes.  This is kind of a pain.  Is there a better way to do

One potentially crackpot idea I had was to change the accepted mime type in
the .is_audio_player file to something like "audio/mp3-cbr" (or whatever),
but I'm not sure how to hook up the gstreamer profiles in a way which would
work with Rhythmbox.

Any and all thoughts or suggestions will be appreciated.



--------Mike PirateHaven org-----------------------The_glass_is_too_big--------

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