Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] New plugin not updating displayed plays or scrobbling radio stations

> Thanks for your reply. I wonder if it would be better to use the
> scrobble event to just "artificially" keep track of the play count? I
> say artificially because it would blindly increment the play count and
> not be 100% sure that the scrobble was successful, but if it actually
> updates on a scheduled time period then any offset would be corrected
> then.
> This seems like a solution to the expected behavior without the need
> for sending more requests and wasting bandwidth.

I'm not sure, sorry. Me and Jonathan discussed this option when working
out how to handle auto-updating and decided against it. The best option
I think would just be to increase the frequency at which we update the
profile. I'm not sure by how much though.

>         as for radio plays not scrobbling, are you a subscriber? ie
>         did you have enter your password to listen?
> I did have to enter my password. Actually, I've made the leap and
> updated to Ubuntu 11.04 alpha 1 now (previously using 10.10) and
> scrobbling from the radio playlist works as expected. This bug may be
> a result of the backport as I mentioned before, so don't worry about
> this one anymore. :)

I don't think this was caused by the backport. I've experienced it too
but I've not been able to reproduce it sadly. My hunch is that it's
caused by the "trackauth" parameter of the old radio api. I wouldn't
want to ask about it since we're being fairly cheeky using the
old api. If my suspicion is correct though it will probably be fixed
when I finish porting to the new scrobbling api.

But I might be completely wrong.
> While I've got your attention, would it be possible to make the
> Ban and Love buttons stay visible for my own personal/local
> Library? Otherwise, you have to select from the list and then
> Love/Ban. I realize this may not be wanted by people who don't use
> at all, but it seems like a feature that should be enabled
> after you've given the plugin access to your account. Just
> food for thought.

There'd be quite a few problems with doing this. The fact that
also provides love/ban functionality being the main one. also I feel
it's better to keep related interactions to the page: if
every source persistently placed their toolbuttons in the toolbar it'd
quickly become a mess.


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