[Rhythmbox-devel] New Last.fm plugin not updating displayed plays or scrobbling radio stations

I recently updated to Rhythmbox v0.13.2 in Ubuntu 10.10 via the guide at:

I wanted to make sure that these are indeed issues with the plugin since the version that I've installed has been backported for Ubuntu 10.10 and may introduce new bugs.

Here's what I'm seeing:
1. The plays that are listed under your username when you select the Last.fm plugin never increment in Rhythmbox. The play count stays the same as it was when the plugin was initialized with the account being used. However, plays do indeed update properly at Last.fm on your online profile page.

2. I just played music from "My Library" for a few hours, checked my profile and none of the songs from my Last.fm Radio Library were scrobbled to my profile.

Kyle Baker

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