Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] New plugin not updating displayed plays or scrobbling radio stations

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hey Kyle. the reason that your profile doesn't update is a design decision. we didn't want to send too many requests to so rather than updating every song we only update recent tracks automatically every hour I believe. and once a day for playcount. this could be changed fairly easily, or even made an adjustable setting I suppose. some feedback from more users would be nice. for the time being, you can right click the source and choose refresh/update. (I can't remember what I called it)

as for radio plays not scrobbling, are you a subscriber? ie did you have enter your password to listen?


Kyle Alexander Baker <kyleabaker gmail com> wrote:

>I recently updated to Rhythmbox v0.13.2 in Ubuntu 10.10 via the guide at:
>I wanted to make sure that these are indeed issues with the plugin since the
>version that I've installed has been backported for Ubuntu 10.10 and may
>introduce new bugs.
>Here's what I'm seeing:
>1. The plays that are listed under your username when you select the
>plugin never increment in Rhythmbox. The play count stays the same as it was
>when the plugin was initialized with the account being used. However, plays
>do indeed update properly at on your online profile page.
>2. I just played music from "My Library" for a few hours, checked my profile
>and none of the songs from my Radio Library were scrobbled to my
>Kyle Baker
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