[Rhythmbox-devel] MMS streaming problem in 0.13

Hi there.
Have just installed the latest 0.13.0 version, because the MMS support was faulty in the my original Linux Mint 9 delivered version (according to your bug list).

Have found the Danish national radio direct MMS links HERE
If I copy/paste a link it starts connecting, but never starts buffering. If the same link is pasted into Gxine its starts playing within 5 seconds.
Is I remove the mms:// in the link it starts playing but in very bad quality


M.V.H. / B.R. / V.G.

Claus Rasmussen
Qlab.dk Tingager 21 * 7860 Spøttrup * Denmark * Email : cru qlab dk

Mobile: +45 6168 1233

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