[Rhythmbox-devel] id3 vs ipod

Hi All,

Sorry for bothering with questions which might not is in relation with
rhythmbox at all.

I use my ipod successfully together with rhythmbox for most of my mp3
files. However, for those that I have recorder and converted and ID3
tagged, my ipod doesn't play at all. I tried to correct tags with
rhythmbox but with no success.

I created the mp3 in a script as

lame -V0 -h -vbr-new audiodump.wav "mp3/$dest"

plus I did the tagging as

   id3v2 --convert "$i"
   id3v2 -t "$SONG" "$i"
   id3v2 -A "$ALBUM" "$i"
   id3v2 -a "$ARTIST" "$i"
   id3v2 -T $j "$i"

I also tried to correct tags with easytag, but no success.
Does anybody have any idea?



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