Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] id3 vs ipod


2010/8/24 Levente Torok <toroklev gmail com>:
> I use my ipod successfully together with rhythmbox for most of my mp3
> files. However, for those that I have recorder and converted and ID3
> tagged, my ipod doesn't play at all. I tried to correct tags with
> rhythmbox but with no success.

First I want to make sure I understand your issue correctly. You
create some mp3s in a specific way (using lame + id3v2), you import
them in Rhythmbox, then transfer them to the iPod, and the iPod can't
play these files.
The tags seem to be important, does that mean they show up wrong in
Rhythmbox? or the tags are good in rhythmbox but wrong on the iPod?
Why did you try to correct the tags, ie what was wrong with them
exactly? I guess you tried what you described with several mp3s, and
that for all of them, you couldn't play them on the iPod? Have you
tried different lame settings in case the issue is with the mp3

It would be better to track this bug in imo :)


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