[Rhythmbox-devel] How to modify the y value for podcast-feed-properties.ui

Rhythmbox developers,

I have subscribed to a number of podcast feeds with Rhythmbox.

When I left click a particular podcast feed the list of various podcasts (in that feed) are displayed including the date, time, etc. When I right click over a particular podcast - a box opens - I left click on properties - and a box opens with two tabs: Basic & Details.

When looking at the Basic tab there are four sections: Title, Feed, Date, and Description. The Description is what interests me when I am trying to decide if I will download a particular podcast. My problem is I am always having to use the scroll function as some of my podcasts have VERY VERY long descriptions. I realize I can lengthen the box (after it opens) but there is no way to set a persistent length for the box.

I was wondering how can I increase the default length of this box that opens when I left click on properties? The width of the box varies depending on the length of the Title but the length always remains 3 1/4 inches.

I have looked in:



and I think maybe I should change one of the lines somewhere to:

<property name="y_options"><GTK_FILL</property>

Or maybe there is some place I can set the default length at maybe 5 inches?

Any help you can give me with this would be greatly appreciated. I like Rhythmbox and having a longer box ("y" value) would be very helpful to me.

I am not a programer but I did have one course on BASIC and another on COBOL when I attended college many years ago.

Thank you for your help concerning this question. I do appreciate all of your work on Rhythmbox.

Eric Doting

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