Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Writing Album-art and transcode plugins


2009/9/6 Alex Kalderimis <alexkalderimis googlemail com>:
> I've written some programmes that work very well for me to rip CDs and
> transcode audio to he-aac m4a's for use on my mobile devices, and to
> download album art using Google as a search provider.
> I have had a bit of a look at the material on regarding
> writing plugins, and played about with the rhythmbox python console a
> bit, but I'm a) totally self-taught and b) utterly unfamiliar with
> python. Anyway, I'd be quite grateful if anyone could point me in a
> helpful direction for information about writing 3rd party plugins that
> would augment or replace the album art plugins, and on how to insert a
> transcoding filter when moving songs to portable devices (obviously
> these are totally for my own edification and NOT seem as what most
> people will be wanting).

For replacing the cover art plugin, I think your best bet is to look
at the current (python) cover art plugin. For transcoding, rhythmbox
has the code needed to do that automatically provided gstreamer can
transcode to that format, dunno if that's your case. I'm not sure it's
easy to get some python code to trigger while transferring a song to a
media device. This might be something worthwhile to add though ;)


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