Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] is possible to select ethernet interfaces?

thank you very much for
i tried the last plugin, i manage to get the config window work, but now cant even connect in local. May ive tried so many upnp servers without any kind of order, and i screwed something (may be avahi?), however ive uninstalled all upnp servers looking for a most likely fresh install for coherence. By now im going to surrender, go back to mediatomb, and eventually move to rhythmbox so i will have everything in the same application.

Again, thank you very much for your attention, and for this awsome software.

El 12/10/2009, a las 16:05, Frank Scholz escribió:


i was trying to configure my pc as a server: media server, kvm server,
smb server, ... Everything goes fine, but the upnp-server.
to bind eth0 and everything goes fine.

And the question is, is there any way, in Rhythmbox, to bind its network
plugins as DAAP and uPnP, to a specific network interface?

we've added little configuration UI to the Rhythmbox UPnP plugin,
that allows to set:

* the interface to use
* the port to bind to (makes it more friendly on firewalled hosts)
* selectively enable/disable the UPnP client, UPnP MediaServer
  and the UPnP MediaRenderer functionality
* allows setting the names of the MediaServer and MediaRenderer,
  instead of the boring "rhythmbox on <ip>"

That information is stored in gconf.

The UI doesn't look that nice yet, but it works. ;-)

If you can think of any more needed options please let us know.


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