[Rhythmbox-devel] Handling of separate partition on GNOME 2.28

Hi everyone,

I suspect we need a new way to handle files on separate partitions.
Here is the story :)

On my computer I currently have: "Root" partition with stable ubuntu
jaunty, "Home" partition with all personal data (mounted on Root as
/home), "Test" partition with unstable ubuntu karmic (Home partition
non mounted here).
Due to policies in gnome-disk-utility, when I'm in karmic, Home and
Root are not mounted by default and you need admin privileges (or
password) to mount them. I suppose the same occurs in every other
GNOME 2.28 based distro.

Now, yesterday I manually mounted Home and imported music in Rhythmbox.

Today I started Rhythmbox before mounting Home. RB simply started to
remove songs from library.

Is this the right behaviour? Could we make Rhythmbox propose to mount
the (internal) partition "on demand"?

Cheers, Luca

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