Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] How do I keep the entries in the Play Queue from disappearing after they are played?

On Sun, May 17, 2009 at 10:34:58PM -0400, Ryan Hughes wrote:
>> Maybe the point is that the the play queue does what is supposed to
>> do, and what you want is achieved via playlists
> The play queue does one thing that playlists don't let you do:  Add songs 
> from daap shares.
> I would like to give playlists the ability to contain songs from daap 
> shares, but I seem to recall there being some resistance to that.  I 
> forget what the concern was.  I used to have a little patch that let me 
> put daap songs into playlists, but it didn't meet whatever the concern 
> was at the time, so I kept it to myself.  Then I lost it.

My objection to this is that tracks on daap shares can't be persistently stored
in a playlist, since it would store the full URI, with IP address (rather than
share name), session ID, and the non-persistent track ID (rhythmbox doesn't
provide persistent track IDs).  Any of those things can change when you
reconnect to the daap share, and the session ID virtually always does.  It's
less of a problem for the play queue, since that's transient by design.

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