Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Why `rhythmbox-client --enqueue <file>` works only if <file> is already present in library ?

Seemanta Dutta schrieb:
> In simplest terms, my requirement is:
> The user should be able to right-click ANY music file in the filesystem and
> then enqueue it to the Play Queue of rhythmbox. This should work
> irrespective of whether the music file is already imported or not.
> Is this possible with the current version of rhythmbox? If not, may I
> request the developers to add this option into rhythmbox-client in future
> releases ?
> The version I am using is 0.11.6 over Ubuntu Intrepid

Did you try:
rhyhtmbox-client --play-uri=file:///path/to/file

According to rhythmbox-client --help:
"--play-uri=URI to play     Play a specified URI, importing it if necessary"



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