[Rhythmbox-devel] Why `rhythmbox-client --enqueue <file>` works only if <file> is already present in library ?


I wrote a nautilus extension using which we can right-click on any music file and then enqueue it into the Play Queue directly from within nautilus. I am using the --enqueue option of rhythmbox client to achieve this. However, --enqueue works only for files which were previously imported into rhythmbox. This does not work from any arbitrary file :-(.

In simplest terms, my requirement is:
The user should be able to right-click ANY music file in the filesystem and then enqueue it to the Play Queue of rhythmbox. This should work irrespective of whether the music file is already imported or not.

Is this possible with the current version of rhythmbox? If not, may I request the developers to add this option into rhythmbox-client in future releases ?
The version I am using is 0.11.6 over Ubuntu Intrepid


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