Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] plans for 0.12.x

On Sat, Mar 21, 2009 at 01:46:29PM +1000, Jonathan Matthew wrote:

> Intentions for 0.12.x:
> - GNOME modernisation efforts (drop libgnome, maybe use GtkBuilder, etc.)

libgnome removal is done, GtkBuilder is partly done (not in svn, no
patches anywhere).  Looks like the just-released glade 3.6.0 will be
required to edit most of the GtkBuilder files, so this will probably
have to wait a while.

> - GStreamer modernisation efforts (playbin2, decodebin2)

decodebin2 is done.  The main effect of this is that chained ogg streams
work when crossfading is enabled.

playbin2 is being worked on (slowly) here: - the current code
needs to be reworked to allow for gapless playback.  Requires a current
git build of gst-plugins-base for visualization to work properly.

> - embedded cover art

Haven't done anything about this lately, but the latest patch here: could use some testing.

> - make the GStreamer codec install thing less annoying

No patches anywhere, but I'm working on this.  This will also fix
problems with .m4a podcasts always showing up as 'failed', incidentally.

> - make use of album artist information when importing from CDs and possibly
>   other sources

Patch here: - some UI
feedback needed.

In other news, we can now transfer album art to mtp devices (only tested
with one moderately broken device) and ipods (needs some investigation as
it apparently doesn't work).

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