[Rhythmbox-devel] plans for 0.12.x

I think people have read too much into my earlier statement about my
plans regarding rhythmbox development, or perhaps I overstated
things a little.  Earlier I listed several limitations inherent in
rhythmbox.  I'm mostly going to stop working on those and let rhythmbox
be what it currently is.  There's still a lot of room for improvement,
and there are still many useful features that can be added.

Anyway, replacing gnome-vfs with GIO was the reason 0.12.0 took so long.
Since there aren't any huge transitions like that coming up, we should
be able to make smaller, more frequent releases for a while.

Intentions for 0.12.x:
- GNOME modernisation efforts (drop libgnome, maybe use GtkBuilder, etc.)
- GStreamer modernisation efforts (playbin2, decodebin2)
- embedded cover art
- make the GStreamer codec install thing less annoying
- make use of album artist information when importing from CDs and possibly
  other sources

0.12.x is theoretically a stable release stream, but I'm probably going
to stretch the definition a bit.

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