[Rhythmbox-devel] Some ideas for work with iPod, last.fm and non-utf encodings


I am user of Rhythmbox and i use it for managing tracks on my iPod. I have some ideas for make better work with iPod and tags encodings, and very interested in your opinion about this ideas. Also, i am a student, and i am planning to apply application for GSoC if somebody says that this ideas are needed for more then one man(and they actual and not implemented yet). So, ideas:

1.Almost all linux players support last.fm — Amarok, Banshee, Rhytmbox, xmms. But i listening a lot of music, using my iPod, and want to scrobble it too. In linux there are some small scripts/GUI programs for scrobbling played music to last.fm(i used lastpod written in Java). But it is very inconvenient — using gtkpod(sometimes i use gtkpod, the reason is described in chapter 2) for uploading music, lastpod for scrobbling and some another player for listening. So, i propose implement function for scrobbling listened tracks from iPod to last.fm. In UI it can be simple item in context menu for iPod icon. This can be done as new plugin, or improvements in existing module, i think.

2.Some time ago i faced problems in copying music in flac format from my library to iPod. I think, that on-fly encoding(using lame or sox) is a great feature for Rhytmbox.

3.In Russia there are some common historical problems in encodings (i am about this: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mojibake). This problems are especially acute, when Linux and ID3Tags are encountered. Widely distributed Windows program Winamp saves tags in CP1251 encoding, but in standard it must be in UTF8. This difference in standards interpretation makes scrobbling a bit problematic. Overriding default encoding for id3 tags was discussed some time ago, but i want propose things, that i used in iTunes. In iTunes you can select item in track context menu named «Convert to UTF», and iTunes will convert tags in UTF8. In my current job i take part in creating some algorithms for tags encoding recognition for russian symbols — and it helps us to normalize tags in numerous tracks to one encoding. Btw, as far as i know,in Amarok you could specify base(not UTF8) encoding, but this feature was removed in versions >= 1.4. I think, that Mojibake in tags is not only russian problem, and it is possible to introduce some plugin, that will help users to normalize encodings of there files.

Thanks for attention,
Shuvalov Pavel.

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