[Rhythmbox-devel] Rhythmbox is messing up my music's genre


I really like using Rhythmbox and altought I tried almost every music player available for gnome I sticked to the original one. One things that drives me crazy tough is that Rhythmnox keeps sorting my songs geners in its own way regardless of what's written to the file.

For example I have some mp3 from Rick Wakeman that I classified as "Progressive Rock". All players including my ipod read it right, but in Rhythmbox one os wakeman's cd's (Six Wives of Hery VIII) shows as "Classic Rock". I tryed to change them to Progressive Rock in Rhythmbox bus as soon as they change to Progressive Rock Rhythmbox changes them again to Classic Rock!!

I noticed Rhythmbox is not editing the ID3 tags because other programs still identify it as Progressive Rock, but I found no way to make Rhythmbox stop categorizing my music the way it wants and not the way I want... I couldn't even find anything related to this in "settings"

Does anyone know what do I have to do to turn off this annoying feature??


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