Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Let's tag our songs, artists and albums!

I agree - tagging is significantly better than genres. I can't think of
anything genres do that tags couldn't do better. Also, as far as I
understand it, most modern metadata, mp3 included, would allow you to
save your tags in the file itself without violating the standard.


On Mon, 2009-03-23 at 22:12 +0100, Benjamin Bach wrote:
> Dear devs,
> You're all familiar with tags. You type them in, separated by commas
> and press enter. Then some nice database handles all the
> cross-referencing.
> I cannot unify music into one genre, and I don't like the genre
> browser.
> Using tags instead of genres gives you the following:
>       * Freedom
>       * Multiplicity
>       * Ease
> It's even backwards compatible! Old genres can simply be auto-created
> as tags. And the old genre-browser can become a tag browser. BUT! I'd
> much prefer to have tags implemented directly in the GUI as an
> omnipresent field, different from the browser view, and more akin the
> hyperlinks on blogs. Personally, I'd like to tag both songs (eg.
> according to mood), artists and albums.
> Ideas:
>       * Import tags from I wouldn't like it myself, but it
>         would instantly give the user a nice taste of what category
>         his/her music is in.
>       * Shuffling by tag
>       * Tag cloud view
> Please do share your thoughts. This is suitable as a plugin, that I
> might do... and not meant as a lazy "please implement this feature".
> all the best,
> Benjamin Bach
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