Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Ipod plugin enhancements

Hi Christophe

On Sun, 22 Mar 2009 13:49:11 +0100, Christophe Fergeau <teuf gnome org>

> The auto-fill is option is something that is often asked for. I can't 
> remember if someone had written a plugin to do it or not, maybe someone 
> on the list will know :)

I couldn't find an autofill plugin on the plugins wiki and google didn't
come up with anything but if anyone has written one, let me know so I don't
double up. 

> Podcasts is an area of the iPod plugin which deserve some love. Since 
> I'm not using podcasts myself, I tend to prioritize other stuff before 
> polishing podcast support :) However, the media type issue you mention 
> is a bit worrying since the iPod plugin is supposed to be able to set it 
> :) Which version of rhythmbox are you using ?

I can't live without my podcasts so I'm happy to help out there. I'm using
11.6 (the one that comes with Ubuntu Intrepid). I haven't grabbed the
latest source yet. I'm still setting up for development. I should be able
to do a get latest and get it building locally next weekend. From a quick
flip through the code using the CVS web interface it looks like podcasts
are set correctly if they come from the podcast component of rhythmbox. If
you (like me) use an external podcast grabber they just appear as regular
songs in the media library so the plugin doesn't know to set the media
type. What I am proposing to do is allow the user to specify a folder in
their library as a podcast folder so anything transferred to the ipod from
that folder would be set as a podcast. Possibly something similar for audio
books as well.
> Yep bugzilla is the way to go, but it's generally better to discuss 
> about how you plan to do things (especially UI changes) to make sure 
> your patch won't be rejected because it doesn't fit well with RB UI. If 
> you want to discuss changes, this can be done here, on bugzilla, or on 
> our IRC channel ( #rhythmbox).

OK. I'll have a think about how this would look to the user next weekend
and post a proposal here. Once we have agreement I'll raise a couple of
bugs in bugzilla to cover the work then get stuck in.
> Hope that helps, welcome :)

Very helpful indeed. Thanks.


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