Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Are there any bugs you want me to work on? ; -)

Hi Seemanta,

2009/6/1 Seemanta Dutta <seemanta gmail com>:
> I have a fair exposure to GTK+ programming but would not consider myself a
> veteran at it. I am still in the learning phase. Gnome is my desktop
> environment of choice and want to contribute in whatever way I can, to it.
> Hence, I selected rhythmbox to start with ;-)

Great pick, thanks for your work so far :)

> Since a few weeks, I have been following the rhythmbox mailing list and
> really enjoying it. I also tried my hand at fixing some issues/bugs. But I
> felt it would be better if some senior developer/maintainer could assign
> bugs to me. That way there would be better tracking for my work and also my
> efforts would be better spent in areas which need attention the most and not
> based on what I feel needs to be fixed.

One thing that might work for you is to receive mails when rhythmbox
bugs are created/modified, this way you can have a look at the bugs
that seem easy enough to you. If you were wrong and the bug isn't so
easy, you'll at least have learnt something :) You can receive all
rhythmbox bug mail by going to and adding
rhythmbox-maint gnome bugs to the "users to watch" at the bottom of
the page.

Hope that helps,


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