[Rhythmbox-devel] iPod sync plugin for Rhythmbox

When you install Ubuntu, the default music player is Rhythmbox, and I believe it to be by far the best music player.

However, your average Windows user is used to being able to sync songs to his iPod using iTunes. This means, your library of songs is sent to your iPod, so that your iPod matches it.

There is no functionality to do this in Rhythmbox, and the syncing in Amarok, Songbird etc does not work properly when you have a large number of songs in your library.

Therefore, we clearly need a Rhythmbox plugin that synchronises your iPod. Various attempts have been made, such as this one and this one. Both fail.

This is a very simple function to describe in English. You simply look at the library of songs locally, compare it with your iPod's library, and add/remove songs from the iPod as necessary. I can't stress how simple this is, yet it is missing! The people who developed Rhythmbox are easily capable of including this, yet they haven't. This is the sad story of many Ubuntu apps: so sophisticated, but missing a tiny piece of functionality that is key!

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