[Rhythmbox-devel] my IPOD woes! Ubuntu-Rhythmbox

Hello Rhythmbox team,
I'd love to clear up what is needed to be able to use my IPOD with a
Linux environment.  It seems that my version of Rhythmbox which came
with my Ubuntu distribution from Dell, can talk to my IPOD and play
tunes from it.   I have version 0.11.06.  The problems I have are as

1.  The manual does not seem in sync with my version of Rhythmbox.  I am
trying to figure out where the actual copy of the .mp3 files are on my
hard drive, assuming that, like itunes, there is a synchronize function.
The reference to a "library" is different between the manual and my
version of Rhythmbox.

2.  I haven't found anywhere that tells my how to copy tunes from a CD
to my IPOD with Rhythmbox.  I HAVE been able to create .mp3 files using
RipperX but Rhythmbox doesn't like those files and won't put them on the

3.  I don't understand how to operate on a daily basis.  Should I be
trying to synchronize my IPOD to my hard drive photos, music, etc on a
regular basis.  I have an 80 gig IPOD Classic and it's almost empty.   I
think I have about 13 gig of music, but no video or photos.

I have found several sites that say "It's easy" and then go on to
demonstrate how difficult it is!  ;-)

Ian Brown

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