[Rhythmbox-devel] New full screen plugin

Dear Rhythmbox devs,

I finally finished something I started a long time ago. The idea is to
make better use of the screen when the computer is playing music and
no one is close by: We still want to know what's playing and what's
coming next. In the meantime Banshee created another full screen mode,
and that should be reason enough in itself, right? :)

Presenting: FullscreenView

It's a little bit bling, but still sober. I like the idea of being
able to skip a track while not leaving the full screen mode. I leave
the general music management to the Rhythmbox UI, well aware that an
alternative full screen "party mode" is already available.

The plugin is in my SVN. I don't expect it to be totally bug free, but
playing around with it, I didn't find any showstoppers. The most
severe issue right now, is that queued tracks are not detected. But by
now I'm pretty eager to premiere it...


Please leave comments by mail or on the above page. And thanks to moch
on IRC for giving tips yesterday night.

I had to make a patch for the python bindings to make it work, though.
So at the same time I'd like to direct attention to this bug:


All the best,


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