[Rhythmbox-devel] Fast way to locate a track in a long playlist via the D-BUS interface?

Hi folks,

I'm writing an Open  program that scripts the user's favorite player
to load and play a specific track from a long playlist.

I've encountered a problem trying to support Rhythmbox: the only way I
could find of locating a track through the D-BUS interface is to start
at the beginning of the playlist, call getPlayingUri, and proceed to
the next track if it's not the one we want.

This process takes a lot of time: for skipping 60 tracks, it takes
about 10 seconds.

Is there any faster way?

Generally it seems like a very substantial portion of Rhythmbox's
functionality is not exposed through the D-BUS interface. For example,
many things that can be done through the plugin interface don't seem
to be supported with D-BUS. I had to use lots of dirty hacks to get
around that. Did I miss something very basic about it?

Thanks a lot,


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