[Rhythmbox-devel] Request to add some features to Rythmbox

Hello.  I think Rhythmbox is great.  It has been my primary music player.

I would just like to see some features that I really enjoyed when i used iTunes:
-Automatic Folder Renaming according to the Artist/Album after songs are added into Rhythmbox and any tag changes are made

-the option to have music copied/ripped into Rhythmbox and also copied into the set music folder

These options are in iTunes and makes it very easy to organize music.  For instance, in iTunes, if I am adding music, I can crate a separate playlist to add the music to.  This will copy the music to the selected "Music Folder" on my system.  Then I can change the tags.  If the tags are not organized well or mislabeled, its ok because I can change the tags within the playlist.  After changing the tags properly,  It will automatically change the corresponding folders in the "Music Folder".  Now all of my music is organized properly.  These are the only features that I miss that only iTunes can provide (I have tried a lot of music players).  It would be great to see that in Rhythmbox.  

Thanks and keep up the good work,


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