Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] How about a release ?


>> > I hope to be able to make a new release in the next month or so.
>> This > will probably be numbered 0.12.0.  After that, I'm not
>> planning to do > much new development work on the rhythmbox project
>> as it currently > exists.  I'll still fix (some) bugs and review
>> patches, but it's too > much of a dead end for me to do more than
>> that.

Bastien wrote:

>> Why is it too much of a dead-end? The feature list stacks up nicely
>> against other music players, and although using C might be making
>> our life harder in some cases, I'm not sure I see ways to replace
>> it in many distributions.

>>>>> "GD" == Gilles Dartiguelongue  writes:

GD> also, what about taking a new maintainer onboard for the module
GD> (even more than one).

What happened to James Livingston?  Did he withdraw from development
permanently or was he planning to return at some point?  I never saw
an official announcement about that.


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