[Rhythmbox-devel] gio port complete

At long last, the python plugins have been rewritten to use GIO rather
than gnome-vfs where possible.  The exact version of pygobject required
varies between plugins, but for the most part, the GIO code requires
pygobject 2.16.0, which, of the few distros I bothered to check, is only
available in fedora rawhide at the moment.  If the required version of
pygobject is not available, we fall back to using gnome-vfs.

Since I don't actually use any of the python plugins day to day,
the new code hasn't seen much testing.  I haven't even run all of it -
the Magnatune purchasing code in particular hasn't been exercised.
Please help out by testing this code if you can, and filing bugs when you
find them.

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