Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] In the Mood plugin thoughts

> I did some snooping around, and it seems that there hasn't been much
> development around playlist generation based on tonality.  Most of the
> work is based on timbre.  If anyone could shed some light on the reasons
> for that, I'm all ears.  Anyway, I think that a playlist generator based
> on tonality and tempo would be really cool.  I will have to continue
> researching to determine the feasibility, however.  I know the Serato
> Scratch DJ software implements some reliable BPM and key analysis
> features, so it must be possible.

I think it may be harder/computationally more expensive to extract than
timbre information. I know it can be done though. Perhaps you can have a
look at echonest, which does this, and a *lot* more:

the downside to that is again depending on a 3rd party service, although
their web API, like's is free to use for non-commercial use. I'd
like to do something with it still, perhaps as an additional similarity
scoring mechanism, but I'm also very interested in automatically mixing
songs together based on beat detection, which echonest is very good at.
Anyone who wants to collaborate on such, drop me a note.

- eric casteleijn

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