[Rhythmbox-devel] DAAP patches


Been a little while since I put these two patches together to resolve a couple of shortcomings in the DAAP plugin:


The former patch addressed poor seek support with GStreamer's "push" model. Since that patch was made GStreamer added support for seek to MPEG-4/AAC in push mode. Only Ogg is outstanding: it can either be fixed with this patch (to use the working seek support in pull mode) or I can delve into the Ogg demuxer in GStreamer and try to fix it there.

The second patch was more complicated and tried to distribute streaming radio title functionality from the (built-in) iradio plugin to the DAAP plguin. This remains an issue in 0.12.5.

I apply both of these patches regularly to new Rhythmbox releases to extend support for my LAN's streaming media system (based upon the Firefly server). Neither patch has given me problems in the two years I've been using them, although I appreciate that they have not seen the most extensive testing due to their marginal application in most client setups.

What would need doing to get these features added/fixed in Rhythmbox trunk? I'm happy to undertake any architectural work needed to knock these patches into shape.

Jay L. T. Cornwall

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