[Rhythmbox-devel] Compiling issues on debian (debian/changelog and debian/control)

Hi all,

I'm (still) trying to compile in a "debian way" rhythmbox from sources. However I fund that debian/changelog is not up to date, so that built packages comes with a wrong version number (0.5.99+20030931 instead of e.g. 0.12.4).

Moreover, if I have a look at debian/control file and listed Build-Depends, I see that some packages are no more updated (I don't remember which ones exactly) or does not exist anymore (e.g. gstreamer-plugin-libs-dev and gstreamer-gconf).

I write here how I proceeded:

1. git clone git://git.gnome.org/rhythmbox rhythmbox
2. cd rhythmbox
2a. I've changed the first version number in debian/changelog from 0.5.99+20030931 to of 0.12.3-99
3. ./autogen.sh
4. fakeroot debian/rules binary

At this point, I obtain a rhythmbox_0.12.3-99_i386.deb package.

However when I "dpkg -i" it, I receive the following dependencies errors:
gstreamer-gnomefs that is a virtual package
gstreamer-misc that is a virtual package
gstreamer-mad that is a virtual package
gstreamer-vorbis that is a virtual package
gstreamer-oss that is a virtual package
gstreamer-audiosink that is a virtual package

Does someone find the same problem?



ps: I've also tried to compile with "dpkg-buildpackage -i -us -uc -b" without succeed; dh_make; checkinstall; etc...

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