Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] limit/transcode mp3 bitrate to portable devices

On Wed, 2009-08-05 at 21:26 +1000, Jonathan Matthew wrote:
> Nothing has changed.

Ahhh.  Pity.

> The audio encoding profile system isn't up to the task.

Hrm.  Interesting.  Isn't having a source of $X kb/s MP3 and a target of
$Y kb/s MP3 the same as having a source of ogg/vorbis and a target of
MP3?  I guess you are saying it's not.

Is this a function of RB solely or does RB hand off the decision making
and action of source->destination to something else like gstreamer?  I
guess the underlying question here is, whos work is fixing this and how
much work is it?

> HAL is more or
> less irrelevant here - this is about user preferences, not the
> capabilities of the device.

Indeed.  I am glad you see that the same way I do.  Of course, should
HAL provide some indications of max. bitrates, etc. the preference
should not be allowed to exceed that, but this is more or less

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