[Rhythmbox-devel] limit/transcode mp3 bitrate to portable devices

I wonder if there has been any progress on RB's ability to transcode
(i.e. mp3) to lower bitrates for portable players.

I noticed the message in the archive about this particular topic at
http://www.mail-archive.com/rhythmbox-devel gnome org/msg05309.html and
was wondering if anything had changed in this regard.

Understood that HAL likely still does not carry maximum bitrate property
for portable devices and that once it does, doing this in RB is easier.
However, it would be nice if a user could set a preference on a
device-by-device basis, say by right-clicking on a device and setting
the bitrate to transcode to when copying files there.

The use-case for this is that I may have an MP3 player which may be able
to play 320kb mp3s but because it has a small amount of memory, I still
only want maximum 128kb mp3s on it.  So even in that instance, having
the HAL property does not help and only a user-settable-device-by-device
preference helps.  Given such a use-case, progress on this feature
doesn't need to wait for HAL to catch up.



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