Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Updating to the new API

2009/4/27 Matt Novenstern <fisxoj gmail com>:
> I'm sitting down to update RB to's new authentication scheme,
> one step of which involves requiring the user to give the program
> permission by logging in through a web page.  So, I can either
> a) Launch an external browser to log in in, or
> b) Try and put a browser somewhere in RB's UI

I'm for B. WebKitGtk is becoming more and more stable and all
html-related applications in GNOME Desktop (epiphany, devhelp, yelp,
evolution...) are going to use it or are yet using in development

But note that WebKitGtk is only a html rendering system: any stuff
related to secure connection and similar should be managed directly by

PS there should be a Google summer of code project this year that is
planning to to add a "more info" plugin using some HTML view

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