[Rhythmbox-devel] Updating to the new last.fm API

Hi all,

	I'm sitting down to update RB to last.fm's new authentication scheme,
one step of which involves requiring the user to give the program
permission by logging in through a web page.  So, I can either

a) Launch an external browser to log in in, or

b) Try and put a browser somewhere in RB's UI

I wonder if maybe some general browser integration might be a nice
feature for more plugins than just the last.fm one.  Perhaps having a
collapsable section at the bottom of the source view?

I just wanted to poll the list before sinking time into adding it.  It
could be an attribute that the calling plugin would need to activate on
creation of the source, off by default.  I think that it has the
potential for just about every plugin except removable media.

-Matt N

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