[Rhythmbox-devel] RB manual - more questions

Thanks for your detailed reply about the party mode. I hope that in a
week we'll submit a first draft of the edited manual. But I have some
more questions:
1. Tags editing. The tags fields allow to edit tags, but it's impossible
 to save the changes. According to several forum's discussions most of
the users use the Easytag for this purpose. So should we recommend this
soft for editing tag, or I do something wrong with Rhythmbox?
2.RB 0.12. At this stage the manual describes RB 0. 11.06, but we should certainly describe the latest version - 0.12.0. So I've downloaded the source code of RB 0.12 and compiled it under Ubuntu 8.10. RB works correctly, but my installation lacks of some plugins (music stores, CD burning and some other). What I should do to get the plugins?
Katya Potapova

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