Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] RB manual - more questions

On Mon, Apr 13, 2009 at 08:04:31PM +0400, Ekaterina G. Potapova wrote:
> Hello,Jonathan,
> Thanks for your detailed reply about the party mode. I hope that in a
> week we'll submit a first draft of the edited manual. But I have some
> more questions:
> 1. Tags editing. The tags fields allow to edit tags, but it's impossible
>  to save the changes. According to several forum's discussions most of
> the users use the Easytag for this purpose. So should we recommend this
> soft for editing tag, or I do something wrong with Rhythmbox?

The "close" button saves the tag changes.

> 2.RB 0.12. At this stage the manual describes RB 0. 11.06, but we should 
> certainly describe the latest version - 0.12.0. So I've downloaded the 
> source code of RB 0.12 and compiled it under Ubuntu 8.10. RB works 
> correctly, but my installation lacks of some plugins (music stores, CD 
> burning and some other). What I should do to get the plugins?

These plugins are distributed along with rhythmbox itself, so it sounds like you
didn't have the packages required to build them.  On debian-based distributions
like ubuntu, you can run 'sudo apt-get build-dep rhythmbox' to install all the
packages required to build the latest packaged version. 

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