[Rhythmbox-devel] failed: (g_hash_table_remove (db->priv->entries, entry->location))

Hi again Darin,

I've CC'd the mailing list again.

On Thu, Nov 13, 2008 at 9:40 PM, Darin wrote:
> i changed the theme and it worked for awhile.
> i opened it up with a launcher that was on the panel.
> i updated the podcasts and was scrolling through them to drag them to the
> playlist. that is when it shut down.
> i think it was also processing the music from a separate hard drive. it
> usually takes a few seconds to get the music loaded.
> any ideas? this is a new thing since i clean installed ubuntu 8.10
> Darin
>  so i will try to use a different theme i have been using the same theme for
> two years on four different releases of ubuntu and never had a
> problem...although i did have rhythmbox open the immediately close back with
> ubuntu 8.04 and the forums had me reinstall rhythmbox and it fixed it, but
> it didn't work this time. an it is random shut downs.

OK - we could see from the warnings that something about the
"Snow-Apple" theme was upsetting rhythmbox.  Maybe going back to the
default theme has helped a little, but it hasn't solved the problem.
It was worth a try though.

The error you reported last time was the most interesting bit:

> RhythmDB:ERROR:rhythmdb-tree.c:1637:rhythmdb_tree_entry_delete: assertion
> failed: (g_hash_table_remove (db->priv->entries, entry->location))
> Aborted

This error is in the database bit of rhythmbox (used to keep track of
all the songs etc).  You can view the current version of this file
online if you're interested:

I think something is going wrong trying to remove an entry from the
database.  Given this, and that you mentioned using podcasts when it
crashed, maybe it's something to do with the podcasts?  If you stop
using podcasts does RB stop crashing?

Other than that, I'm out of ideas (but I'm just another RB user, not
one of the developers).

Good luck,


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