[Rhythmbox-devel] Ubuntu update screws Rhythmbox ability to launch MP3

Dear developers:

I'm new to Ubuntu Hardy and one of the applications I like most
-actually LOVE- is Rhythmbox.

However, I have this issue I think is more related to Ubuntu than RB:

Rhythmbox works excellent out-of-the-box, that is, right after
installing Ubuntu, but after updating Ubuntu the update mess something
so Totem is the next default MP3 player. I tried lot of ways to make RB
the default player again but with no luck.

Even further, right now if I launch an MP3 I can get RB show up, but it
will not recognize the argument so RB will wait for me to select a file
to play rather than playing the file I clicked - frustrating, grrrrrrr.

Are you aware of this -f****g GRRRR- glitch? As I said before I LOVE RB,
I think is an excellent application, light on resources, user friendly,
good audio quality and so on.

If I have this issue in Window$ I could edit the registry and set RB
again the default player, but in Linux (Ubuntu 8.04) have no idea how to
do this thing...

Nothing more for now, thank you very much for time, hope you can help


Looking forward your answer,
Martín Shine


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�Probalo ya! 

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