Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Feature request for Rhythmbox


Please actually lookup technical details when discussing technical
details. FreeDB and CDDB use the same method to identify discs,
Musicbrainz doesn't.

Short version of the disc ID:

For FreeDB:

There are fewer clashes with Musicbrainz, and even in that case, there
is a dialogue presenting users with the different choices in that case.

I wasn't previously aware that Musicbrainz has a more robust method of distinguishing discs.  Thanks for the info!  This reassures me greatly as far as supporting the Musicbrainz community.

Note that Musicbrainz' data submission process is more thorough than
FreeDB's and CDDB's, and includes artist references, and clear styles
depending on the "language" of the CD, number of artists performing a
track, etc.

I'll check out Musicbrainz in more detail when I get time.  Now that I know a bit more about them, they seem like a worthy use of some of my (*ahem*) "spare" time.  Thanks again for pointing them out.

Sound-juicer and Rhythmbox use the same code for ripping, and setting up
where to rip, so using sound-juicer won't help. As for separating
audiobooks, it should be fairly easy to setup a separate option for it
(MB even catalogues audiobooks differently, just as it does interviews,
spoken word, etc.:

I'd like to see what exactly you require in terms of importing, which
programs actually implement it (and more specifically, how they
implement it without becoming unworkable).

What I've been doing with Poikosoft's application (mentioned in previous messages) is when I insert a different "genre" of disc (Audiobook vs. Artist vs. compilation), I choose the bitrate and folder hierarchy from drop-down lists on the main screen before clicking the "Rip" button.  It's still a couple steps I was doing manually, but it was still easier than having to go through a Preferences screen.

One thing that Poikosoft's program did that helped things along is that it recognized when there were multiple Artists listed within the disc.  It would automatically adjust the hierarchy from "Artist\Album" to simply "Album".  I still had to manually adjust bitrate when switching to/from Audiobooks.  (I also put Audiobooks in a completely different directory, which was also done manually.)

I still wonder if it would be possible to have Rhythmbox set up Profiles within the Preferences screen (bitrate, hierarchy, filetype, etc.), then simply choose a Profile in the main screen.  As I indicated before, I'm not a programmer, but I'm willing to help in any way that I can.

It's not a forum, it's a mailing-list. And you don't need to reply to
people just because they replied to you when it doesn't bring anything
new. And if you do choose to do so anyway, please answer in another
e-mail. It breaks conversation threads otherwise.

I understand what you're saying, but I receive these in a digest, so it kind of reads like a forum.  From my perspective, it was all one big email.


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