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Op zaterdag 17-05-2008 om 15:11 uur [tijdzone +0200], schreef Lucas
> Before I have installed Ubuntu i had itunes to manage my music.
> Now I want to make some proposals that you can make your music player
> better.
> image

Hello Lucas.

Welcome to the club!

I noticed that a lot of your proposals like: bigger fonts, or different
colours, can be changed to your liking without any effort:
These things can be controlled and set in the Appearance capplet.
(go to menu System -> Preferences -> Appearance)
The size of the playback icons will be smaller if you choose to only
show icons, and no text (also through the Appearance capplet).

You can choose to show the rating of the tracks through Rhythmbox' own
Preferences. You can click on the stars to give a track your vote and
rhythmbox will show your vote immediately.

So, go ahead, experiment some more and see what is possible and what is
Having good photoshop skills can be handy if you want to make good
mockups of your gui-proposals.

Have a look around in the history of this mailing list and read the
discussions about the proposals that other people have made. (also on

Kind regards

Tino Meinen

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