[Rhythmbox-devel] Cover Flowish plugin

Hi everyone! This is my first time here!

The fate of Bartosz's c plugin is undecided, in the mean time here's a
python version.
I uploaded the code to google, so anyone can download it at:

It would be great if anyone with actual rhythmbox know how helped out
with the signal / notifications, I have no idea how to catch that
someone clicked something on the playlist for example?

As for general gtk widget stuff my size_request handler looks like this:
    def size_request (self, widget, requisition):
        requisition.width, requisition.height = -1, 200
ideally height should be some ratio * current widget width, but width
seems to be uninitialized at this moment...

Please post patches on the google code page for now.

It would be great to see this in the core package, but i suppose we
would have to
1) decide on some non copyrighted name for the thing
2) decide what the plugin should generally do...
We talked with Bartosz about it and decided that coverflow as a
library browsing tool isn't really useful (for that it would be great
to see album thumbnails next to album names in the browser).
The general idea would be to use it as a visualization of the current
playlist, maybe integrate with some kiosk mode plugin for parties and
so on...

Best Regards!
Grześ Furga

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