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My mistake, hadn't seen the LyricWiki option. Still, don't you think lyrics are still too 'hard' to reach ?

By the way, another question I had about Rhythmbox, is there a feature planned to reach information on the Artist/Album and complete Id3 tags with it ? This is the only thing I miss from Windows Media Player 11.



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On Sat, Mar 8, 2008 at 3:11 AM, Steph <orkerone gmail com> wrote:
> Hi all !
> New on this list, I subscribed because I use Ubuntu, and Rhythmbox is a
> program I use all the time. It works great, is fast, clear, but there's one
> thing I don't like : the Lyrc plugin. I nearly always get the lyrics of my
> favourite songs, and the integration of this search in Rhythmbox looked
> great. But the plugin is really outdated, it searchs on some old websites
> (Astraweb doesn't run anymore), and the way to display lyrics in Rhythmbox
> is not obvious : Song --> Properties --> Lyrics tab (even if there's a
> Ctrl+L shortcut).

I hadn't realised that astraweb had gone away. I've disabled the
astraweb lyrics search in svn (who knows, maybe it'll come back
somewhere else?). I've also re-enabled the search since
that seems to be working again.

> I looked for the Lyrc plugin project on the web, found it on Sourceforge,
> and I must say it seems the last update was done...20 months ago.

I don't know what that is, but it's nothing to do with rhythmbox. The
rhythmbox lyrics plugin lives inside the rhythmbox source tree.

> Can developpers implement a new version ? A nice little plugin wich can be
> reached in one click, wich retrieve lyrics from the excellent Lyrics Wiki,
> as an example.

The lyrics plugin has searched since the 0.11.3 release.

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