[Rhythmbox-devel] DLNA/UPnP plugin problem

Hi list

I recently setup a UPnP media server on my network. I tested Twonky first then settled on MediaTomb in both cases Rhythmbox is not working as expected. Once I connect to MediaTomb Rhythmbox populates but with incorrect track counts and multiple listings for the same tracks. In most cases I'm getting at least 6 listing for the same track, an album with 12 tracks shows as 60.

My system
Debian Lenny
Rhythmbox 0.11.5

Yesterday I did a clean install on Lenny hoping that somehow it would fix my problem but no luck. I have also tested another DLNA/UPnP player "Elisa" and it functions perfectly but unfortunately does not have the features I want.

I have reported a bug but I was hoping someone might know a quick solution.

Thanks in advance,

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