[Rhythmbox-devel] Incorrect track names


I am currently running Rhythmbox

When I start playing an audio CD, I see the lights flicker on my modem -
I assume therefore that the program is using the Internet to find the
album name and track names etc. Is this right? Where does it get the
information? Is there a way to file this information on my own system so
that it doesn't have to look up the Internet every time after the first
time the CD is played?

There are a couple of issues with the system:

1) Sometimes if I start up Rhythmbox with a CD already in the drive it
doesn't have the track information and just shows "Unknown Artist",
"Unknown title" etc. I find I have to eject and reinsert the CD, upon
which it (usually) then finds and displays the information.

2) I have discovered at least one case where the track title is wrong. 
I'd like to correct it, which means I would like to know where the
information is retrieved from on the Net so I can notify the persons who
maintain the site and get the error corrected.

Bob Hastings

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